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Here are a collection of links, many to threads on the Rivermiles forums that could have been lost forever.  Now you can enjoy them any time in the Midwest Paddle Racing Archives:


Tips and strategies for long distance racing: – Great thoughts on double vs. single blades. Input from Charlie Lockwood, West Hansen, Bryan Hopkins, and Wally Werderich. – A collection of tips on a wide range of topics surrounding preparing for the MR340 such as what to do about bugs, how to clip paddles on your boat, and how to keep sweat from rolling into your eyes. – No one likes to discuss it…but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Tips for taking care of business in the boat. – Tips on what to do differently so you don’t DNF - Good tips from West Hansen. - Carter Johnson, (Men’s solo record holder in the MR340) gives his tips on training.A must-read for anyone considering the MR340 or other ultra distance paddle race.

Good Boat Talk: – Extremely awesome thread comparing many different types of unlimited solo boats, outriggers,and surfskis. – Rudder vs. No Rudder. – Great thread on Bryan Hopkin’s wooden outrigger – An excellent take from Wally Werderich and James Kaufman comparing a Minnesota II to a Jensen 18 – Wally Werderich’s documentation of his reconditioning of a 1929 Old Town Yankee – A nice thread covering the comparison of a QCC 700, the EPIC 18 or the Necky Looksha 17. – An in-depth discussion about different types of canoes, starting with a question: Aluminum or Royalex?

Rigging Discussions – A nice thread on seat padding with some great pics. I have to give a shout out to Hopkins…that man knows how to make a comfy seat. In 2009, the ICF-C2 we paddled in felt like I was sitting on an Italian leather sofa. If only all my seats could be like that! – A very in depth discussion about seats, seat foam, and seat comfort. In my opinion, this is one of the most important factors (and certainly THE MOST underrated factor) to finishing an ultra-distance canoe or kayak race well. – A well-explained approach to putting slidding seats in your boat. – Some good tips on rigging a surfski for the MR340. – a GREAT collection of boat rigging pictures from the start of the TWS 2011 thanks to Wally Werderich. (If I recall, I was working on rigging our boat while Wally was wondering around taking pictures…He later made me wear a luchadore mask…) ;) – Lengthy thread on boat lighting and navigation lights – Another good thread on navigation lights

Nutrition and Body: – Some thoughts on eating for long distance paddling – Important discussion about hyponatremia. (OVER hydrating yourself – which can cause serious injury or death). – Hydropel and Bodyglide – the worst kept secrets to a comfortable long-distance paddle (and post-race recovery). – Who needs sleep? Explore the discussion on this link.

GPS talk: – A nice thread comparing different GPS units for canoeing and kayak applications – Another thread on options for GPS units and how to best use them for ultra distance paddling.

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