MPR Point Series

Midwest Paddle Racing Points Series

Sponsored by and Epic Kayaks

The MPR Series is a multi-race venue where four racers will compete to be named to
Team Midwest Paddle Racing

Team MPR Racers will be awarded trophies, team MPR race jerseys, and discounts to all the races on the MPR circuit!

  1. Team Midwest Paddle Racing Team will be comprised of two men and two women
  2. The next 6 paddlers with the highest points who did not make Team MPR, will be recognized as TOP 10 finisher in points.
  3. MPR team members will be determined by points that can be earned by participating in races on the Midwest Paddle Racing Points Series.
  4. The 2015 qualifying races are:
    1. Missouri River Shootout
    2. Osage Paddle Racing Spring 12
    3. The Gritty
    4. The Gas
    5. The Freedom Race
    6. The Dispatch
    7. Kawlloween
  5. The best 5 out of 8 races will be used when adding points.  The paddler may choose which race they drop.  In this way, the racer may also skip one race with no potential loss of points.
  6. Points will be awarded by class as follows:
    1. 1st place – 10 points
    2. 2nd place – 9 points
    3. 3rd place - 8 points
    4. 4th place - 7 points
    5. 5th place - 6 points
    6. and so on to 1 point
  7. Points will only be awarded at the qualifying events listed in section 4.
  8. Points will be awarded the same across every class. 
  9. A class must have a minimum of 3 boats for points to be awarded.
  10. Classes will be defined by the individual race directors.  As such, some classes will be recognized in some races that are not in others.  It is up to the paddler to decide how they would like to register, and which class they would like to participate in.
  11. All paddlers in a boat will win the same points for the place they finish.
    1. The paddlers in a tandem boat that win 1st place men’s tandem will each be awarded 10 points.  In the same race, two paddlers in a mixed tandem boat that win 1st place mixed tandem will also be awarded 10 points each.  In the same race, a man who wins 1st place men’s solo will be awarded 10 points, and so on.
  12. The MPR Point Series introduces a term referred to as “Seat Count”.
    1. “Seat Count” is a number that illustrates the total number of “seats” that have been in use in all a given paddler’s boats during all races that that paddler has participated in during the MPR Points Series.
    2. Seat Count will accumulate by paddler, and is used to limit the advantages of racing in multi-man boats, and to encourage racing in different classes.
    3. Racing in a 3-man boat would contribute 3 to each paddler’s Seat Count in that boat for that race, regardless of finish.  Racing in a tandem boat would contribute 2 to a paddler’s Seat Count.  Racing in a solo boat would contribute 1 to a padder’s Seat Count.
    4. The maximum Seat Count any paddler may have over the course of the season when counting their points toward the MPR Series is 9.
      1. Seat Count Examples:
      2. There are 6 races in the MPR Points Series.  A paddler must choose only 5 of those races towards his MPR Points Total.  The max Seat Count for those 5 selected races is 9.
      3. If a paddler raced the following classes, the Seat Count would total 11.  She would then have to select the best 5 races to count to points while at the same time complying with a max Seat Count of 9:
        1. Race 1 – Tandem (Seat Count 2)
        2. Race 2 – Solo (Seat Count 1)
        3. Race 3 – Tandem (Seat Count 2)
        4. Race 4 – 3-man Boat (Seat Count 3)
        5. Race 5 – Tandem (Seat Count 2)
        6. Race 6 – Solo (Seat Count 1)
        7. In the example above, the paddler needs to shed 2 “seats” to get to a Seat Count of 9.  The paddler could achieve this by dropping any  one of the races that were tandem.  The other option that paddler has would be to drop both solo races, but then she would only be able to count four of her races then, because her Seat Count for those four races would be 9. 
        8. Another example is that a paddler may not count all 5 races in a tandem (5x2=10). If a paddler races in a 3-man boat twice, they will have a seat count of 6 after those two races.  They only will have a total of 3 left, therefore they can race 1 tandem, 1 solo, and not count the 5th race.  Or they can paddle the other 3 races as a solo.
  13. The paddlers named to the Midwest Paddle Racing Team will be the two male and two female paddlers who accumulate the most points in one season. In the case of a tie, the paddler with the most 1st place finishes will be chosen. If still tied, 2nd place finishes will be compared, then 3rd place.  If the racers have the exact same amount of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes, then it will be decided by any head to head solo races they have competed in against each other.
  14. Midwest Paddle Racing Team members will:
    1. Be awarded an MPR Team jersey (High Quality Racing Shirt).
    2. Be awarded an MPR Series Trophy.
    3. Receive 50% off all Midwest Paddle Racing Points Series races the following year.
    4. In order to receive 50% off race entry fees, the paddler must wear the MPR Team jersey during the event.
    5. MPR Team members will be named and awarded at the awards ceremony of the last race of the MPR Series
    6. Team membership lasts for one year beginning after the last MPR Points Series race of the season, and running through all the MPR Points Series races the following year.
    7. MPR Team members are encouraged to wear their team jersey even at races not on the MPR Series.
  15. Midwest Paddle Racing recognizes that it is possible to “game the system” by entering classes with few boats to maximize the amount of points earned. While this practice is not technically against the rules, it is against the spirit and purpose the Midwest Paddle Racing Points Series, and will be looked down upon.
  16. Midwest Paddle Racing reserves the right to modify any points awarded under the program in the interest of integrity and fair competition.
  17. Midwest Paddle Racing Recognizes there is no perfect system to a points series, and there will always be critics, but we try to make it as fair as possible with input from the race directors who are part of the MPR Points Series.
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