Shootout Race

RPC3 Shootout

Kansas City to Lexington

Saturday, April 27th 2019
The First Ultra Marathon of the Season

The RPC3 Shootout is a unique race, in that it doesn't follow the normal race divisions that Midwest races usually follow.

In the RPC3 Shootout, the boat type doesn’t determine your class…the paddle does!  Are you paddling with a single blade (canoe style)? Or a double blade (kayak style)?

There are 4 official divisions in the Shootout:

Single Blade Solo
Double Blade Solo
Single Blade Tandem
Double Blade Tandem

All four divisions will recognize 1st-3rd with trophies, and medals for all other racers.

There is a fifth division called Exhibition.  This division is for folks who for whatever reason just can’t find a way to fit into the regular divisions.  It might be because they want to have 3 people in the boat… or it might be because they want to switch paddle types during the race.  It is for boats with 3 or more people in it. This division will not receive trophies, but will receive medals for completing the race.

2019 marks the 8th year for the Shootout, and is the first marathon race in the MO-Kan area.  The RPC3 Shootout always has a good draw. 

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