***New Shuttle Options for Race or Training***

MoRiver Solutions LLC now offers shuttle services up and down the Missouri River (and other rivers of course).  Owner Tina Brooke, based out of Carrollton MO, is a friend of the river and paddlers, and this is an amazing service that can be used during training runs or races!  Her contact information is:

Tina Brooke:  MoRiver65@gmail.com - 660.595.1446

Paddle Stop New Haven also offers shuttles to transport paddlers and their paddle craft along the Missouri River. Regular routes are offered from New Haven MO to Hermann MO, and from Washington MO to New Haven MO.  Contact Paddle Stop to book your spot:

Shane Camden:  www.PaddleStop.com

2020 Race Dates are now Scheduled and Open for Registration!

The Kawlloween - 11 miles from Eudora to DeSoto Saturday October 17! - Register here!

Thank you to RPC3 for being our title sponsor! www.rpc3.com

**********************COVID-19 Update**********************

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure that we don’t take any unnecessary risks or put anyone else at risk.  This is a very sensitive and dynamic situation, and we are closely monitoring the data.  My first priority is to make sure everyone is safe, which includes not only the racers, but also their friends and families, and the volunteers who make this race possible.

We work hard to provide a great product because we enjoy doing this. My mom and dad have grown to love the paddling community over the last 10 years since we created Midwest Paddle Racing, and although there are concerns about hosting races this year, we have discussed precautions that we believe will mitigate the risks enough so that we can still hold the race.  I ask that even if you don’t necessarily agree with need for precautions, I ask that you take others’ comfort levels into consideration and follow our requests so we can continue to host our races this year.

Wearing a mask before and after the race is strongly encouraged, but NOT required. However, PLEASE be respectful of others, and stay 6 feet apart or more. If a situation requires you to be closer than 6 feet, you should wear a mask - Such as launching boats near each other at the start, or two boats pulling up at the same time at a stop for supplies, or if you are a ground crew in the sideline next to others, or at the finish if you want to go talk to my mom (timekeeper) and ask about times.

Everyone should have a mask in their pocket or around their neck should a situation arise. In other words, don’t assume you won’t need a mask - assume you will and be ready.  If I observe that people aren’t practicing this, then we will make masks necessary at all times for all people (other than racers on the water) for the following races this year.

Please print off, fill out, and bring the insurance waiver with you so we can reduce the queue of people filling them out on site. If you can’t print one off, it’s Ok; we will have them there, but please maintain social distances and use hand sanitizer. 

The registration desk will have a plexiglass partition up (like a bank teller).  Wearing masks during the check in process is highly appreciated.  As social distancing will require us to do these steps above, it will no doubt take a bit longer than usual. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER if you can so that I can have your information already in the computer. This will help reduce the size of the queue.

The safety meetings will be held in the parking lots like normal. Please observe 6' of distancing and have masks at the ready.

There are usually several spots to observe racers passing by; please respect others.  Now is not the time to make a stand about how you won’t be told what to do. Please make a stand on empathy and if you are close, or if someone else needs to get close in order to see their boat, etc, please practice proper etiquette with a mask and distancing.

At the end of the race, please be ready to wear your masks.  Very often people want to know what their time was, what place they got, etc. please be respectful of social distancing around the time keeping table.  We will have medals for all finishers available spread out on a table near the snack area. After you finish, please come get one - it is the honor system.  We will have trophies for the top 3 finishers in each class and will announce them once we have 60-70% of the racers in.  We will have snacks and drinks available, but we can’t have anything with tongs, bottles, etc. that multiple people would touch.  So if you want something on your hot dog other than mustard and ketchup, you’ll need to bring that!

Thank you all for respecting these guidelines, and I look forward to seeing you on the river!

The Shootout, 50 miles, Kansas City to Lexington - Saturday, Date Change: May 31

The Mean Lamine, 13.4 miles, De Bourgmont (up & back) - Saturday June 20

The Kawlloween 16 miles, DeSoto to Edwardsville – Tentatively October TBD

Welcome to MidwestPaddleRacing.com !!!

Welcome to the site that is completely focused on Midwest paddling and racing. The sport and community have grown so much here in the Midwest, especially in the Mo/Kan region, 

Wow that's great!!  I can't believe something like this has never existed before!  I know, right!  Read on:

This site describes the
evolution of Midwest paddling and what it is.  There is a great race calendar in full calendar format and in a downloadable word document.

Local Midwestern suppliers like Epic Expert Ron Ladzinski have become excellent ambassadors to the sport, and there is a page dedicated to all their goods and services. If you are
new to the sport or a veteran looking for some new equipment, call Ron!

Wait, there's more?!  Yep

You will also find another page dedicated to protecting our rivers. It highlights great groups such as Missouri River Relief. Read more about what they do and how you can be a part of this.
In addition to the website, Midwest Paddle Racing also manages and directs the Epic Shootout, The Gritty, The Freedom Race, and The Kawlloween.  You'll find all the information you need about these races including how to register.  

We have pages linked to many relevant Midwest river links in states such as Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Arkansas.

There is also a page that has many resources on boat building and boat rigging (Yeah, I know you are drooling already!)

It can't get better than that, can it?
  Well, actually it does!

We have an entire page dedicated to preserving the best of the best from Rivermiles.com forum pages.  That's right, it's like the national archives of Midwest Paddle Racing.  There is so much great and valuable information that has been buried in the cyberpages of the forums from years ago, and it could have been lost for ages.  Now it is here at your fingertips.


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